Primark Friends collection

Something exciting has happened Primark has a full Friends collection!! The Friends nerd I am went straight to Primark but I am  a broke nerd so I only got a couple of items. I was mostly excited about the homeware as Primark has had friends clothing before but the pyjamas still looked comfy and cute. The collection is full of central perk logo and lobsters, I was happy to see the lobster reference but the central perk logo is over used. So everything I bought was lobster reference related. I wish though they had more variety. I love their Marcel top but I dont like the stripes. I also think more of real life on scene photos would work well more on some of the clothing pieces. That is the only complaints I have about the collection.

I first saw the array of candles they had in the collection and processed to sniff each one. You’re my lobster which was a sea breeze smell (smells like a guys after shave) and a central perk cup which was a cappuccino smell candle were my favourites however I couldn’t afford the central perk cup as it was £7 where as the you’re my lobster candle was only £2.50. The smell is gorgeous when unlit but once lit the smell is not as strong but its understandable as its only £2.50. I’d say its worth the money if you want a small piece of merch home decor.


The next thing I saw was two make up bags a lobster bag and a pastel we were on a break bag. I loved both but personally dont like the we were on a break phrase because I think ross was in the wrong. So even though the we were on a break was my colour and style I choose the lobster bag which is just as good.  The glitter on the design is just the right amount and the design is cute. For the price of £4 it is huge and great for the price.


Lastly I got some hilarious socks just because friends. They were only £2 and not great quality but they were socks from my favourite scene. I promise I’m not obsessed haha.


Do you like F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Have you seen the collection?


Abi xx


  1. Cat

    Where I live, Primark only got the 3 pairs of socks ( We were on a break, you’re my lobster and central perk). I really want to find everything and buy it all and I don’t even care if I get broke, ahah.

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