My Comic Con Experience

Thought I would do a little post about my Manchester Comic Con experience, what I bought and wore. I have been to Manchester Comic Con before but this time I chose to go in Lolita style. I loved my outfit I may have not got many photos or compliments but I felt beautiful and I didn’t over heat due to wearing a wig. Both my top and I dress I purchased from Alieexpress. Although the dress and top are not branded and cheap they are both well made, comfy and most importantly pretty. I highly recommend buying Lolita outfits from Alieexpress if want a pretty outfit but can’t spend like £100 on a branded outfit.

Me and my boyfriend had paid for the priority ticket so it was a 7:30am start on Saturday. We arrived at Manchester at 8:15am but weak bladder me had to find a toilet in a city that had no public toilets open yet. After we had a loo break we walked to the convention center, we got there at about 8:45am and started queuing. We got into the convention center at about 9:15 after the security had checked our bags. Walking past lots of service sniffer dogs inside the center I went to the loo again. After that we got hungry so we visited my favourite stall Tofu Cute to get some snacks. Once fueled we began to check out the stalls one by one. The anime products to buy were sparse and over priced so we didn’t get many anime products. This time at Comic Con though many stalls had gacha pon  and blind boxes for cheap so I bought a few shiba related ones to fuel my shiba love. After an hour the venue began to fill up which eventually got too much for me. So just before we left the convention at 2pm we visited The Artist stalls and I found my new favourite artist Claudia Short (twitter @claudiashortart) she does beautiful digital deer art. Check her out!


We also visited Doki Japanese Tableware stall before we left and I picked up two bowls because rather than buying a tableware set I want to build up my tableware with unique ceramic pieces each one different.


bowl blog.jpg

We left Comic con and went straight to Comic Con because I heard about the friends collection it did not disappoint anyway I will discuss that on a different post. After shopping in my fave areas China Town and Afflecks we went to Wagamamas. At Wagamamas I tried Tonkatsu for the first time it was tasty but once again there wasn’t enough sauce for the rice and salad. As well as that day the service was rubbish no one would bring us the bill and the waiter had wrote the code for the toilet down wrong (as someone with endo on the bladder when I need to go I need to go). Wagamamas do have tasty food but if you get a dry mouth choose their ramen over rice dishes.


After a long day we traveled back home. I did enjoy going to Comic Con and got some cute stuff  but Manchester Comic Con is always over crowded.

Do you go to Comic Cons? Do you like Wagamamas?


Abi xx



  1. Kate

    I spy a Spirited Away print aaaaa! Any article of clothing with buildings or plants or animals for prints, I like. Also you look super pretty in your outfit??? Totally pulled off the Lolita look 😍 I’ve never been to a Comic Con, which is sad because I love the variety of culture in it. Anime, cute Japanese inspired designs, the creativity overflowing ahhh ✨ I wish I could go someday 😄
    xx Kate | All The Trinkets


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