Eight interesting films to watch on Netflix

Since I’ve been watching some interesting films with serious subjects. I highly recommend all these films and you can find them all on netflix.

im not an easy man.jpg

8. I’m Not An Easy Man 

I’m not an easy man is about Damien a player who gets what he wants until he walks into a pole which sends him into parallel world where women are the superior sex. Women treat the men exactly like how the men treat women still in todays society. Damien learns what its like to be on the otherside.

I think this film lightheartedly and tastefully brought small but important struggles women in todays society still struggle with for example the urge for women to shave. If you want a great comedy I highly recommend this film.


7. Friends With Money

Friends with money is about a group of friends, one has money troubles the other has depression the third one has a failed marriage and the final one has too much money. Each one starts their journey to fix their troubles.

Truthfully I watched this because I saw Jennifer Aniston was on it and it did not disappoint. The part I loved most about this film was how they showed depression, depression is not always about low moods it can be someone not wanting to wash their hair or lashing out on strangers. This film is a bittersweet movie that you should check out.


6. The Danish Girl 

The Danish Girl is a film about one of the first transgender females to have the first sex change operation.

This film is absolutely beautiful from the scenery to the story to the people. It shows the true power of love. Its another bittersweet movie, but word of advice prepare with tissues whilst watching this film.


5. The Way He Looks 

The way he looks is about Leonardo a blind teenager and his friendship with his best friend Giovana. Their friendship is perfect until Gabriel arrives then things start to go wrong.

This film has got to be one of my favourite romance films of all time. The romance is so subtle that it makes you fall in love with characters more. I highly recommend this romance film.


4. Hope

Yes this may look like a a happy film but Hope is about a 8 year old girl So Won who gets brutally raped on her way to school. After getting raped So Won and her family have to overcome many obstacles.

As its a Korean film of  course is brutally graphic and emotional. Its a extremely sad film but still a must watch.


3. Marathon 

Marathon is a film based on a true story about a extremely autistic man who trained and ran a full marathon.

Personally I love films about autistic people so this film was my cup of tea. Its always so interesting and sad to see how other people treat autistic people and this film shows it perfectly. The main actor that plays the autistic man plays the character perfectly and tells a beautiful story. I highly recommend this film if you are in the mood for a drama.


2. The Fundamentals Of Caring 

The Fundamentals of caring is about a boy Trevor who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy and when Ben becomes his carer he decides to take Trevor on a road trip for the first time of his life. The road trip opens up new friendships and new discoveries for Trevor.

Once again I watched this film purely for Craig Roberts and Paul Rudd but it has become one of my favourite films of all time. Its such a sweet film filled with self hate masked as jokes by Trevor and love that helps Trevor build friendships and self confidence. As its one of my favourite films of all time I highly recommend it.


1. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower 

You’ve probably all seen The perks of being a wallflower but I had to put it in the list. The perks of being wallflower follows the main character Charlie as he struggles with depression whilst creating amazing friendships.

The film is one of my must see before you die. The sound track is amazing. The storyline is sad and beautiful. You will fall in love with each character especially Charlie.


Have you seen any of these films? Which are your favourites? What are your recommendations? 


Abi xx


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