Indoor Plants

I thought I would do a little post on my indoor plant collection and a few personal tips about indoor plant keeping (I’m not an expert). In total I have 13 indoor plants and they all have names.



Here are their names and species I think they are :

1. huge cactus called big boy

2. haageocereus named Shion

3. lemaireocereus named Daisuke

4. notocactus named Daisy

5. sedum named Haru

6. another sedum named Ai

7. echeveria named Spike

8. a big plant called Jeff

9. aloevera named vera

10. spider plant named fae

11. sedum named Hana

12. echinocactus named Nezumi

13. sedum named Nai




After being a plant mum for a year I’ve learnt a few tricks that I’d thought I would share. First tip is choose your plants wisely I’ve bought three £2 plants from wilko (a cheap shop with everything) before and they’ve died within a month. However I have also bought £3 plants from tesco (a supermarket) before, they are still alive and thriving a year later. So buy from shops (supermarkets or florists)  that are able to care for the plants correctly to prolong the length of your plants life. Even though they say succulents and cacti dont need much water or light for healthy plants I think plants live a longer life with sun and water. I would keep the plants on the windowsill so the plants get maximum amount of light  and water them every 2 weeks. I hope these simple tips will help you. Do you have any plant babies? If so how many?


Abi xx


  1. thelongestroadtowalk

    I have an aloe vera called Alice, three cacti called Norman, Jeffrey, and Mickey, a succulent called Bub in my bedroom, then in my kitchen I have a Mexican Hat Plant called Eugene, and a very crowded pot of Cacti collectively called Steve!
    I’m moving house with my parents next year and I’m going to have a bedroom & living room to myself so I’m hoping for MORE PLANTS 😍😂

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