My summer key fashion pieces

I recently traveled to Cyprus and I thought I would share some of my favourite new pieces.


Lets first talk about my swimming costume which I’m in love with. The swimming costume is so simple but pretty. The most important thing about the swimming costume though is that you can actually swim in it without your boobs or butts falling out!! The high waist bottoms perfectly hug your hips preventing them to fall down even in the sea. The top feels like you are wearing a comfy crop top. The only negative I have to comment on is there is a never ending tie at the back which I had to took into the back of my top. The whole swimming costume set is from Matalan. If you cannot find the swimming costume I would recommend choosing high waist swimming costumes especially if you are a keen swimmer like me.



My next two pieces are from Cath Kidston. The Cath Kidston cat bag I got for my birthday and it was just the right size for my holiday. The bag fits my giant purse in as well as my many array of medicines I need but it was just small enough to fit into my suitcase. Of course most importantly the bag is ADORABLE! My second piece from Cath Kidston was these beautiful shoes. These shoes are a great alternative to sandals, the shoes are airy light and pretty. The only negative was when I wore the shoes for the first it cut the circulation off to my toes but once I wore them it was fine. Another piece of clothing I recommend this summer is transparent socks. The transparent socks feels like you are not wearing socks whilst adding a cute accessory to your outfit perfect for summer.



One of fashion pieces I highly recommend is long dresses. Long dress are light so don’t take much room in your suitcase and allow you to stay cool in hot countries. This one from New Look I loved the colour was gorgeous and the style was very retro, I felt like Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I paired the New Look piece with a cute piece from Primark. If you are like me and just burn on your shoulders its really good at keeping them covered from the pesky sun. If you styled this piece right you could double it up as a top its a very versatile piece of clothing that takes up no room in the suitcase.


The last few pieces I recommend are very simple but if you are like me and have an array of printed t-shirts  or bottoms you need some key simple pieces in your wardrobe. The top from New Look was in a 2 for £12 deal so a bargain! I love these gypsy style tops they suit any body type and any outfit. The feminine gypsy style top is so simple it goes perfectly with a nice bright flora skirt. The beautifully simple linen shorts were from Primark. The shorts feel so soft I love the feel of linen. I was unsure if I would look like a grandma on holiday but I think when you pair these with a printed crop top they make a great outfit.

I hope you will get some holiday outfit inspiration from this post.


Abi x


  1. Laura M

    First time checking out your blog and it is so aesthetically pleasing. There’s something about the simplicity that I love. That cat bag is gorgeous and I loved the transparent socks with the shoes, I was wondering if you actually had socks or if it was actually part of the shoes before reading.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. khushigajjar

    I love your fashion sense! It’s so chic!!!! And about the swim suit… It’s so cute and comfortable. Nowadays I actually can’t swim wearing swimsuits cause I feel so awkward as the only thought in my mind is, ” no nip slip or something.” I loved your floral shoes 💙💙💙

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kate

    As a massive cat lover, I need that Cath Kidston cat bag like i need air. Like seriously, so cute! ❤ And you're right! You do look like Phoebe from Friends in that one outfit!

    Liked by 1 person

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