My Cyprus Journey

For the first time ever I visited Cyprus this year. I was looking forward to warmth and tasty food I got what I asked for and more. The first official day after flying to Cyprus we did more travelling for 4 hours in total to visit family members so we didn’t do anything touristy. We did have a meal out I choose the English thing of choosing fish and chips on a hot summers day. The fish and chips were homemade and tasty apart from the mushy peas which were definitely canned. From this meal out I learnt in Cyprus there are lots of expats so they cater to English palates by having lots of English food and minimal traditional food.

On the second day we did some exciting supermarket shopping. When we came back we decided to swim in the pool and instantly regretted it the water was freezing even though the sun was shining on the pool. For tea we visited Gabriel’s in Paphos. There was a traditional buffet on so I got to have my first taste of moussaka, tzatziki and roast potatoes made out of the legendary Cyprus potatoes. Let me tell you they were all amazing! I loved moussaka and tzatziki so much I am going to cook them myself at home for tea every week. For dessert I got to have Baklava again and I was in heaven. I also got to taste Gaberiel’s grandmother’s homemade orange polenta cake it was tasty.


On the third day we visited the mountains in Paphos. It was such a long journey but the view was worth it. We first stopped off in Troodos and met a lovely fruit man who gave us lots of fresh fruit to try the apricots were sweet. On this journey I learnt in Cyprus many Cypriots know English and are very friendly to tourists the type of friendly that would get the cold shoulder over here in England. In Troodos I took photos of the scenery and bought some Cyprus to take back with me for my family. Then we traveled to Lazanias a small old village with only one resident an old lady that refused to move in with here family who live in heavily populated village. The village was beautiful with lots of abandoned houses that many cypriot’s inherit but forget about. If you love traditional old architecture I recommend giving this village a visit and don’t forget to say hello to the little old lady who sits in her garden waiting to say hello to anyone who walks by.


After the long journey back from the mountains we ate tea in Pambi’s Paphos. I choose the fried calamari it was such a big portion but my favourite meal out of the whole trip it was amazing!! Every meal I had in Cyprus were big portions as cypriots tend to have just one big meal at night rather than eating during the day. Whilst we ate there was some traditional Greek dancers which was entertainment. Traditional Greek dancing takes talent and interesting to watch so its a must see if you ever visit Cyprus or Greece. The only downside to the Greek dancing was that I was picked on and got a lap dance from one of the dancer because I was pale so that meant I was a tourist to them. I had never felt so embarrassed and disgusted before.

On the forth day we visited the sea and Aphrodites bath. This was my favourite day by far I spent at least one hour in the sea it was first time in my adult life I had swam in the sea. It was so fun. I have the nickname water baby because I love swimming. Aphrodites bath wasn’t the greatest attraction but the view was amazing and I tried frozen yogurt for the first time I now understand why it is so popular. The only downside to the day was I forgot to put suncream on my back so I got bad sunburn.


On the fifth day we visited the harbour to pick up lots of Cyprus tasty treats. Of course I needed to buy some Baklava to bring home. Visiting all the gifts shops we realized fake gucci etc and phallic imagery sells well as souvenirs in Cyprus. The harbour view was beautiful but we were both sunburnt and exhausted so we ate ice cream in the shade. I regretted choosing ice cream over frozen yogurt instantly. Later we ate bbq theres something nice about having a bbq in the sun.



For the last two days we did some reading in the sun, shopping at retail parks and I did some realizing how much I love Flying Tiger. On the sixth day we ate out at Pepperoni’s PhaphosΒ  a pizza restaurant. The pizza was tasty but Domino’s has ruined pizza experiences for me everytime I have pizza I want a bbq sauce base. We watched the sun set later that night which was beautiful. The next day we were having a late night flight so we ate at Pambi’s again I tried souvlaki for the first time it was tasty but nothing special. Then after a 50minute flight delay we finally set off back home.

If you ever visit Paphos Cyprus I recommend visiting Gabriel’s and Pambi’s for food and Lazanias for views. Swim in the sea and shop in the harbour and most of have fun.


  1. Medical Travelling

    I found you on Twitter and checked out your site. Nice design:) Did you know there are some apparently well reputed integrative clinics in Cyprus?


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